Cinedanza (en)

Cinedanza Festival

Screendance Festival

First screendance contest in Emilia Romagna


Saturday October 26th 2019

Sunday October 27th 2019


3rd prize ex aequo

Hic et nunc – Here and now by Emma Cianchi

For having been able to tell the present as a reminder of the future in a single sequence shot.

Porcelain by Roswitha Chesher

For having been able to tell the fragility of human existence through images, gestures and sounds.

2nd prize


Stages by Angela Rosales Challis

The animation language applied to dance in this case represents a breath of fresh air in the dance’s kinematic expression. This new artistic expression applies perfectly to the new technologies present in the Open Laboratory in which the director will be able to develop new projects.

1st prize


T.I.A. (This Is Africa) by Matthieu-Maunier Rossi

In T.I.A. the dance integrates perfectly and naturally with the realistic world of the slum in which it is set. Furthermore, the narrative power expressed in the relationship between images, sounds of direct taking and music, make This Is Africa an artistic experiment that fully succeeds in evoking the universal concept of freedom.


Special mention for the social and artistic value for INTANGOUT by Vito Alfarano

The jury

John Duncan, cross-media artist, considered one of the greatest interpreters of artistic experimentation in recent decades.
Dorin Mihai, photographer. It is formed in information technology. Photojournalist since 2011, in 2014 the meeting with the choreographer Claudio Gasparotto brings him closer to dance and stage photography, with an assiduous and permanent collaboration.
Esmeralda Calabria, director and film editor (David di Donatello for Habemus Papam) has worked in more than 40 films from 1993 untill today.

Selected films

Etch, by Abby Warrilow & Lewis Gourlay
Porcelain, by Roswitha Chesher
T.I.A. (This is Africa), by Matthieu Maunier-Rossi
And So Say All of Us, by Mitchell Rose
MASS, by Adrien Gontier
alter idem, by Kim Karpanty
Stages, by Angela Rosales Challis
Future Becomes Past, by Janessa Clark
Hic et Nunc “Here and now”, by Emma Cianchi
Le Faune, by Joseph Simon
INTANGOUT, by Vito Alfarano
(like a) Less Dense Brick, by Piaera Autumn Lauritz
JANCA, by Vincenzo Ricca
Orlo/Hem, by Filomena Rusciano
DIANA, by Sara Iori
Echoes, by Luisa Lazzaro
The Impulse, by Riccardo Vormstein
Relearning how to fly, by Daniela A.B.