Cinedanza/saturday 26th

Saturday 26th

5:30 pm – Body and pixel in the italian video-art (2010/2020)
a master class by professor Piero Deggiovanni

Video art has always maintained a direct relationship with the body, however, research in the audiovisual field, in the last ten years, thanks to digitization and post-production, is definitively detached from the research and experiences of the decades spent towards suggestive hybridizations between body and pixel.

He’ll show some films from Alessandro Amaducci, APOTROPIA (Cristiano Panepuccia, Antonella Mignone), Elena Bellantoni, Elisabetta Di Sopra, Jacopo Jenna and Eleonora Manca.

7:30 pm – buffet (Fusorari)

8:30 pm – How a screendance is born. Among art and landscape.
meeting with Salvatore Insana (Dehors/Audela company)

He’ll show their film APORIA

APORIA is the first result of our research on hesitation as psycho-physical condition and as an attitude that opposes the arrogance of always knowing where to go / what to do / what to say.
The aporia (ἀπορία), a concept dear to Greek philosophy, indicates the impossibility of giving a precise answer to a problem.
At a time when the possibility of exercising doubt has been compressed and the rhetoric of speaking clearly seems to leave only two possibilities open: to say yes, or to say no, with APORIA we would instead like to investigate the moment in which we remain stranded, entangled in “Meanwhile”, in the bifurcation, in the hesitation in which one withdraws from the story to evaluate the “if” and “how” to orient oneself in the continuation of the action.

9:30 pm – screenings


director Abby Warrilow, Lewis Gourlay key cast Joanne Pirrie director of Photography Andrew Begg composer Callum Rankine editor & VFX Artist Lewis Gourlay

A girl hikes across remote moorland. On a hill in the distance, stands a lone building, which she discovers is a long abandoned school hall. A little sun penetrates the dirty glass. An upright piano sits in the far corner.
She takes off her muddy boots and with confidence in her gait, strides across to the piano and pulls it by one corner. The rusted wheels are jammed and it pivots, creating an arc. A line is carved in layers of compacted dust and the ancient wooden floor splinters with the weight of the instrument…


director Emma Cianchi coreographer Angelo Parisi music Lino Cannavacciuolo costumes Danilo Rao steadicam Matteo Cinque still photographer Federica Capo

“Here and now” is the literal translation of this famous Latin phrase attributed to Horace. Used by several philosophical currents, it assumes meanings with different nuances, all of which can be traced back to a simple thought: all our actions are performed here and now, in the immediacy of the present; the past and the future, however important, are memories, time flows inexorably and life is here and now. A straight line, an abandoned place in which past lives echo, a sequence plan to say that the present is the only dimension in which one really lives.


director Luisa Lazzaro key cast Leo Clarke, Omari Carter; Director of Photography Diego Rodriguez; Choreography Omari Carter, Leo Clarke, Luisa Lazzaro; music Alex Stoloff

A man relives and reflects upon a memory from one of the 7/7 bombings in London in 2005 when he was 15 years old.

“With Echoes my intention was to make a screen dance film with a documentary approach (film being based on real life experience of the adult protagonist of the film). I wanted to invite the audience to reflect on questions such as how does individual perspective affect others and how does it add to collective remembrance”.


director Vincenzo Ricca
key cast Vincenzo Ricca and Annalisa Di Lanno

A farmer who speaks to himself among his green and yellow fields, seeking some answer from the depths of his soul and tormented by his conscience, asks forgiveness for life.


director Kim Karpanty choreographer and performer Joan Meggitt composer Greg D’Alessio violin Sarah Blick videographer Conner Childers

It is easy to get lost, to lose sight of oneself and wander. One has to feel her way around, wading through thought and sensation. Is the second self a trusted friend or an altered state? Whether the view is intimate, obstructed or distant, the armature is evident, coiling around itself as she slips in and out of view. Is there a way out or in? Which one is the true self?


director Angela Rosales Challis
dancer and choregrapher Chang Liu

An animated Screendance that abstracts negative emotions that society has taught us to hide.
This project developed through dance and camera improvisation based on a poem. Chang Liu, a Chinese, queer, exceptional dancer, is able to explore those emotions with power and sensibility.

“This piece experiments with camera movement that is motivated by the dancer, a piece that does not rely on music, and choreography that abstracts strong emotions.”


directors Fu LE, Adrien Gontier
with amateur dancers from Danse En Seine Association choreographer Fu LE director of photography Adrien Gontier steadicam Fabienne Roussignol editor Camille Guiot

MASS is a 10 minutes single take video-dance shot in Paris. The project was framed within the Danse en Seine’s choreographic workshops, including 40 amateur dancers. Images of the crowd appear more and more often and symbolize the current upheavals all over the world, evoking alternately parties, migrations, manifestations, gatherings or just the daily life of big cities. We thus work on the mass, with all the drunkenness it can inspire. We confront the individual with crowd movements, in order to observe how he resists or lets immerse himself.


director Pia Lauritz
key cast Jo Lloyd, Emma Riches cinematography James Lauritz music Miro Lauritz vocals Isadora Lauritz

Two women holding on,
Ready to be watched.
Nimble structures growing roots,
We are softer than your gaze
and ready to be squashed.