Cinedanza/sunday 27th

Sunday 27th

6:00 pm – The editing: write with images
a meeting with Esmeralda Calabria and Gianluigi Lanza

7:30 pm – buffet (by Fusorari)

8:30 pm – screenings



director Mitchell Rose
Composer Robert Een Producer Pomegranate Arts Executive Producer Brooklyn Academy of Music

52 seminal international choreographers link together on a chain love letter to dance. Featured artists include Ohad Naharin, Mark Morris, Elizabeth Streb, Bill T. Jones, Meredith Monk, William Forsythe, and Lucinda Childs. Commissioned by the Brooklyn Academy of Music in honor of Joseph V. Melillo’s 35 years of service as its executive producer.

“The technique of the film is something I call Hyper-Matchcutting, where every adjacent edit is perfectly aligned in position and continuity. […] I wanted to bring that sense of unity to this collective tribute by a community of artists”.


director Roswitha Chesher
key cast Sheila Hartley and Ian Russell
producer Trinity Laban choreographer Stella Howard

A table, two chairs, some teacups… a lifetime together… Porcelain.
A story of love… life and its many changes, meeting, sharing, caring, dependency, and loss. A couple show their story of how the strength of their relationship informs the way they adapt and accept a change brought on by a serious health issue.


director and choreographer Janessa Clark
Performer Courtney Drasner Cinematographer Kathleen Kelley

Future Becomes Past is a solo about becoming, transforming from a contained being into a liberated self. The dancer begins tucked into a tiny horse stall in a 200-year old barn. Her body is covered in handwritten text (all anti-feminist quotes from the early 20th century to present day).
By wiping away the words, experiencing the physical and emotional labor of undoing an inscribed body, navigating through various expressions of time and space, and interrogating the weight of words and the gravity of history, the dancer is finally empowered. She liberates herself from the confines of her environment towards a brave new world. A piece for the Feminist Age.


director Vito Alfarano producer AlphaZTL Compagnia d’Arte Dinamica director of photography Dario Franciosa editing Alessandro Gasperotto and Bruno Luca Perrone music Cesko, Paco Carrieri & Paolo Greco

Intangout will not tell any story but will speak of feeling, of distance, of the absence of the person you love. When the body is not in connection with the mind because it travels perpetually between the memories of the loved person and the memory arouses antithetical feelings: pain and joy, freedom and possession, carnality and depth, sweetness and anger, passion and revenge. The songs of Tango celebrate the shadow of the unsaid, the melancholy of lost and distant things, feeds on sadness, loneliness, loss not only of love but also of friendship, of abandonment not only of the beloved person but also of the country of origin, of the traditions, of the house, the same condition in which a prisoner finds himself living in a place of privation and far from his affections.


director, producer Matthieu Maunier-Rossi
key cast Aïpeur Foundou, Ella Ganga

Aïpeur Foundou is a congolese dancer and choreographer. Amidst some popular areas of Brazzaville, he shows us one possible way to freedom.

“Conceived, shot and recorded in 48 hours in Brazzaville (Congo). Choreographer and dancer : Aïpeur Foundou (mixing contemporary dancing and traditional Congolese movements). An original poem written by Ronan Chéneau acted by Ella Ganga, a congolese dancer. The dialect used at times is Lari. The river in the film is the River Congo, and Kinshasa can be spotted in the distance on the other bank”.


director, choreographer, performer Daniela Alvares Beskow music Lolla’nzzel editing Kdenlive

Freedom is colective. An important part of it’s construction process is the individual learning. Self-knowing, development of logic and strategic thinking, self-confidence, understanding of the environment. The panoramic look from a base that shelters and at the same time, impels, develops the body to fly. The learning is permanent and demands dedication.


director Sara Iori
performer Diana Mannarelli music Teiuq

Diana is a human being that is beyond the human. She lives in the woods, in the streams, on the seashore. She is in communion with wild hidden animals and she renounces her intellectual capacity of reason: Diana has no face and she can feel the world flowing without judgment. Diana is not afraid of the absurd, she feeds on it.


director, performer, choreography Filomena Rusciano illustrations, stop motion Rinedda music Paolo Barone and Piero Ennio camera Gennaro Sorrentino

The small noises of fragile edges. Arms folded to draw the shelter for emotional protrusions: perfect concealment that lets sink, and it is immediately a deep down.


director Elissa Fontana performer Lucia Castoldi camera operator, editing Riccardo Vormstein

This video is an artistic interpretation of a painter’s impulse; how can an irrational impulse can be translated into a dialogue between a painting and a person.
Without having any visual input, this video translates a textural and emotional still painting into a continuous sequence of movements. Having a spontaneous approach to the choreography but an understanding of the movements and feelings.


director Joseph Simon producer Dansateliers performers Daniel Barkan, Madelyn Bullard, Viviana Fabiano, Lucia Fernandez camera Young-Jean Maeng, Laurens Heijs music Jimmi Jo Hueting editing Fanny Hagmeier color and audio Matija Peki

Le Faune is a fantasy-world on film, based on the ballet L’après-midi d’un Faune by Vaslav Nijinski. In this ballet, that was produced in 1912, Nijinsky took a new direction and broke with the usual, flowy dance-code in ballet. His original style, rectangular and with slightly sexually tinted movements caused a commotion amongst the audience and press. In his film Le Faune, just like Nijinski, Joseph Simon incorporates foreign influences to the code of ballet to come to new kinds of expression. With this he creates an enchanting dance-film about voyeurism, intimacy and sexuality.