Tell me a story (en)

Friday 27th October, 9 pm, Scuola FMAV, via Giardini 160, Modena

Tell me a story is the second stage of the scenic writing training project dedicated to children between 14 and 21 years old curated by Balletto Civile. As in the first edition, the intent was to create a ground for discussion through work on body/voice and proposing, in parallel, a path of self-dramaturgy on themes linked to everyday life and the expressive needs of the participants.
Through comparison with some authors of contemporary poetry, we identify how much explanations exist in the stories of myths for the vital impulses that live within us and that we often feel dormant.

Let’s imagine that an ancient temple could emerge from under the parking lot of a supermarket. In the absence of answers we search within ourselves for heroes, legends and a myth that acts as a bridge between what we experience and the cosmos. But not finding it, we make it up. The city traffic is the backdrop to the endless afternoons in the park. The bodies agree in a synchronized score, an undisciplined phalanx that creates its own ritual in the void. Words emerge from the texts such as escape, split, react, bite. In a contemporary world that often offends, limits or judges bodies, the vital drives are pounding. Let’s give them a voice in an impetuous way by building together a thought on the urgency of sharing, creating, responding. Group work on the power of acting and reacting together.

Guests: Giulia Spattini e Emanuela Serra.

Follows: screening of films from Screendance Dwelling section

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