Cinedanza 2021 (en)

Cinedanza is the first international screendance contest and festival in Emilia Romagna

3rd edition is here!

October 17 | 22 | 23 | 24

Awards’ winners

First prize

Art in all its forms is a tool through which to ask questions about the world around us, this video has the strength to open a window on the value of feeling part of a community, and to be essential to each other.
Qualities indispensable for re-existence.

Second prize

For using dance as a research around the “impossible” movement, creating a universe in itself with digital manipulation, which brings the concreteness of the body to become something else.

Third prize

A very thin path capable of leading through the minimalism of gestures, framing and sounds towards a state of the soul. The chromatic and musical choice support the inner journey.
Border protected between oneself and the other.

Honorable mentions

For the complexity of the artistic project he is carrying out as an ode to nature.

For the effectiveness of the physical response to the loss of memory of places.

Young Jury Selection

Friday 22nd – watch here

Saturday 23rd – watch here

Sunday 24th – watch here


Sunday 17th

free entry

7:30 pm – VIDEOCRACY

by Erik Gandini (85 min, Sweden, 2009)

The arrival of private televisions marked a turning point in mass culture in Italy. And who more than Silvio Berlusconi can represent this turning point?
A documentary that, starting from the transmission of a home strip of one of the first private televisions, tackles the theme of the power of television in Italy thanks to repertoire material and exclusive interviews.

Presentation of the ARCHIVI VIVENTI project, dance in the 1980s.

Friday 22nd

7:00 pm – ARCHIVI VIVENTI / Living Archives

with Laura Delfini con Alessandro Certini, Claudia Monti, Giovanna Summo, Ian Sutton e Teri Jeanette Weikel

A project to stem the loss of memory of the heritage of Italian research dance of the 1980s. Five dancers tell their experiences in a unique dialogue-performance.

8:30 pm – dinner

9:30 pm – Screenings

€ 5 admission only / € 15 admission + dinnerbox
for dinner we recommend that you report any intolerances, allergies or dietary needs in time to

Saturday 23rd


Elena Cervellati, lecturer at the University of Bologna together with some students converses with Joseph Simon, Dutch director and choreographer, author of Le Faune film in competition in the first edition of Cinedanza Festival.

9:30 pm – Screenings

just 5,00€!

Sunday 24th

8:45 pm – SCREENDANCE from 35mm to SMARTPHONE

Dino Verga of the National Academy of Dance in Rome presents a selection of three films from the 2021 edition of the Rome Dance Award.

> Amigdala
by Giusy Franzese

> Terni Lapilli (XOXO)
concept, choreography, costume design e scenography
Antonio Cornelj e Marco Caudera

> Madama
choreography, direction, camera: Iole La Sala

9:30 pm – Screenings and Awards

just 5,00€!

Selected films

Expert Jury

Angela Fumarola since 1999 she has been responsible for international projects and coordinates the programming and dance productions of Armunia.

Dorin Mihai photographer. It is formed in information technology. Photojournalist since 2011, in 2014 the meeting with the choreographer Claudio Gasparotto brings him closer to dance and stage photography, with an assiduous and permanent collaboration.

Teri J. Weikel choreographer and dancer, co-founder of Artisti Drama, she works extensively between New York (Donald Byrd Dance Foundation) and Los Angeles (California Institute of the Arts)

2nd edition