Cinedanza Festival 4

Cinedanza is the first competition and festival in the region entirely dedicated to screendance

19 | 21 | 22 | 23 October 2022


friday 21st

8.45 pm – OPENING!

9.00 pm – screenings

saturday 22nd

10 am – Cinedanza Caffè with Antonio Capocasale
6 pm – Cinedanza meets the REFF
7 pm – meeting with Marco Valerio Amico (nanou company)
8 pm – dinner break by Overseas

9 pm – start of screenings

sunday 23rd

10 am – Cinedanza Caffè with Antonio Capocasale
7 pm – meeting with Giselda Ranieri
8 pm – dinner break by Overseas

9 pm – start of screenings

Screendance Cafè

saturday 22 and sunday 23, from 10 am

meetings reserved to the artists/directors involved in the festival and to the members of the Young Jury.
The meetings will be in italian

Antonio Capocasale leads an informal round table, a chat around a coffee with the artists involved in the festival.

“There is a language of dance, as well as one of cinema.
Is there also a common and shared language of cinedanza (Screendance)?
Does it make sense to identify a specificity, in addition to possible relationships (for example: certain cinematographic musicals, the film-opera, the comedian in silent cinema, the music video clip, etc.)?
How and why do performers, dancers, filmmakers measure themselves with this form today in Italy?
More than deducing answers, it is perhaps valuable to delve into the questions and explore them, to allow oneself to be questioned. And check if there are common grounds, themes, problems, practices and methods that can be shared among those – dancers, performers, filmmakers – who for various reasons and in various ways measure themselves with (or, simply, “are interested in-“) the screendance form “.

Antonio Capocasale is a film critic (Theater and Critics; Cinematograph Magazine; Fata Morgana Web) and editor of the texts and programmer of the Laterale Film Festival (non-competitive international review of experimental cinema).
Achieved his PhD in humanities at the University of Calabria, he taught audiovisual disciplines at the University of Salento, holding the film-making and multimedia production workshops.
His interests range from the intertwining of documentary and contemporary art, to slow cinema, to contemporary Italian experimental cinema, to the in-depth study of lesser-known works and authors or those who tend to be “on the fringes” of circulation and distribution. His monograph on the cinema of contemporary Italian real is forthcoming for the Editions of the Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo.

The guests

saturday 22, 6 pm

Cinedanza meets Ribalta Experimental Film Festival

Giovanni Sabattini, REFF’s artistic director, presents three experimental films

saturday 22, 7 pm

Marco Valerio Amico
graduated in May 2001 from the Paolo Grassi School of Dramatic Art in Milan, he perfected himself as a dancer and choreographer with Monica Francia and Michele Di Stefano. He is an interpreter in Monica Francia’s productions and, in 2005, in MK’s Real Madrid show, choreographed by Michele Di Stefano. In 2004 he founded, together with Rhuena Bracci and Roberto Rettura, the gruppo nanou company, whose productions have crossed important squares in Italy and abroad. The company wins the Young Danz’Autori Award 04/05, Moving_Movimento 2007, 4 construction sites for Fabbrica Europa 2008, Emilia-Romagna 2014 and 2016 author dance fund.
Marco is the creator and artistic director of the AgoràKajSkené and Alphabet et Ultra projects (training and research project in the field of contemporary dance).

sunday 23, 7pm

Giselda Ranieri dancer and choreographer specialized in Performing Arts and Multimedia Production / Live Performing Arts and in instant composition. She has been the author of ALDES since 2015, she collaborates with choreographers, directors, musicians including Cosmin Manolescu, Roberto Castello, P. Greenaway, Giuliano Scarpinato, Sandro Mabellini, Michele Rabbia.
Artist selected for: Supernova / 19 (Pergine), Antibody Showcase / 19, ResiDance / 20, Author Proofs / 20, Open Studios-NID Platform / 21. Her IsaDora: The Tik Tok Dance Project is selected for Residenze Digitali / 20 and with the medium-length film Wireless Connection wins Still Digital / 21. she is a guest lecturer at the Brera Academy and teaches digital choreography at the Alma Artis.

Friday 21st – WATCH HERE

Saturdday 22nd – WATCH HERE

Sunday 23rd – WATCH HERE

Expert Jury

Mario Blaconà is a film director and critic. He collaborates with the San Fedele Cultural Center in Milan and is editor of the online magazines Lo Specchio Scuro and Filmidee. He is currently head of programming of the Bellaria Film Festival, is a member of the pre-selection committee of the Sole Luna Doc, collaborates with the Laterale Film Festival and with the Locarno Film Festival within the Locarno Filmmakers Academy.

Dorin Mihai still photographer. He is trained in information technology. Photojournalist since 2011, in 2014 the meeting with the choreographer Claudio Gasparotto brings him closer to dance and stage photography, with an assiduous and permanent collaboration.

Teri J. Weikel choreographer and dancer, co-founder of Artisti Drama, she works extensively between New York (Donald Byrd Dance Foundation) and Los Angeles (California Institute of the Arts) also collaborating with musicians of international importance. In Italy you collaborate with Leo De Berardinis, Elena Bucci and Marco Sgrosso. In 2004 she graduated in the Feldenkrais Method which she teaches and applies to dance.
Since 2014 he has been a lecturer at the Academy of Dance in Rome.


First prize

For how the production manages to put itself at the service of a constantly evolving dancing essence, with the intent of making us reflect on our identity as human beings and on the identity of the other who takes on life and transforms into a body only thanks to movement.

Second prize

For the innovative use of rhythm in the editing and the relationship between the camera and the dancing body, both aimed at emphasizing the act of liberation interpreted as a shift of tradition towards new and unexpected shores.

Third prize

For having been able to summarize in an eloquent and essential way the reality and the rawness of a body wriggling in the dark space of his and our subconscious.

Honorable mentions

For the constant combination of the arts, for the grandeur of a project that raises the preparatory part to aesthetic value as much as the result that follows.

For the constant dialogue between young bodies and new images, which through a surprising study of the profound meaning of dance are able to tackle universal and necessary issues such as the rights of male and female workers.

Young Jury selection

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