Screendance workshop

Andy_camera (1)

conducted by Andy Wood
when December 6th, 7th and 8th
every day 10am – 1 pm / 3 pm – 6 pm


This hands-on workshop is based on the practice of film-making, starting from the observation and analysis of works created by international artists that illustrate different approaches to filming movement and the poetics of this language.

We will explore the possibilities offered by the camera, trying to capture the characteristics of movement: energy, dynamic presence, feeling and connection with the audience, rather than employing the camera as a neutral outside eye.

What is the difference between what we perceive on film and what we comprehend in live performance? Can we capture the feeling of the movement? Can we get closer to experiencing what the performer feels, rather than merely documenting it? Can the camera be a performer within the dance itself? Do we employ linear narrative or abstract impressionism? What story do we want to tell? How do we choreograph the edit itself?

Through dialogue and sharing experiences, we will investigate the kinaesthetic challenge of filming movement with a technology based on a series of photographic stills. We will do this by reflecting on the work of other international artists and questioning our own practice. There will be the opportunity to edit the results of our task based exercises into short dance films that can be shared with our peers.

The workshop is open to dance-makers, performers, filmmakers, and all artists interested in deepening their research into screen-dance, whether they are professional or not.

To participate in the workshop it will be necessary to bring any type of camera (from smartphone to professional camera) and a laptop with a program for editing, from the simplest (Movie Maker/ iMovie) to more complex (Final Cut/Premiere).



Andy Wood is an artist filmmaker who works with video, photography and sound. He makes dance-films, public projections and documentaries. His work has been screened at international film festivals, in galleries, shopping malls and prisons, on public buildings and television. He has programmed dance film screenings of international artists work and facilitated screendance workshops, both in the UK and abroad.

Andy is currently a programmer for Leeds International Film Festival and runs the screendance competition for Short Film City. He teaches screendance and experimental film at Northern Film School, Leeds Beckett University.